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ITM as part of the organizing committee, presents and invites the first Summer School on Cryptology Crypto-CO which will be held in Bogotá between June 29 and July 9, 2016 in the Universidad del Rosario (northern headquarters).

The interest of humans to communicate secretly and store information safely is probably as old as writing itself. In all ages, cryptology has been essential in politics, diplomacy, economy and military affairs. In this era of digital information, it plays an even more important role, being the only tool that allow us to protect communications, secure our databases and therefore protect our identity.

The main objective of the school is to encourage the creation of a community interested in this issue, from the academic, industrial and governmental point of view. The School aims at bringing together students, researchers, professor and security experts from industry and governments interested in Cryptology.

More information: Program Details

Icono Comunicaciones

Icono Comunicaciones es una agencia integral de diseño y comunicación con diez años de experiencia en el sector público y privado. Actualmente tenemos presencia en Colombia y Argentina (Bogotá - Cali - Córdoba). Icono Comunicaciones es un agencia que desarrolla portales web, campañas mediáticas, branding, diseño, redacción, campañas de marketing, social media y posicionamiento en google.